Saturday, 7 March 2009

What does blogging bring to small business?

For all businesses, small or large, publicity is an important matter. Any opportunity is worth investigating, and blogging provides a unique and personal way to connect to your online audience.

Blogging provides a free (apart from the time you invest in updating it) channel for delivering useful information, news and updates to your audience. It's also easy to use - if you can use MS Word, then you can write a blog post. One of the most significant things is that your posts can be indexed by Google and with the correct configuration can be embedded into your website so that the headlines of each post can be seen on the page.

This means that you have an easy to use solution for updating content on your website, for recording your wins and reporting your news as well as providing industry specific information and recommendations to help your customers choose your business or products. You can then refer to this material with your customers and it can provide you with additional traffic and further enhance your customer appeal.

So the big question is: if you have a business and you don't have a blog ... why not?

For help and advice about blogging and other social media, and how they can benefit your business contact or visit PH Digital.

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